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Reactivate our bridge contract-Nyanshegu residents plead with gov’t


Residents in Nyanshegu and Gumani in the Sagnarigu municipality will have to brace themselves for perennial flooding as the rain continues to pour.

This is because the construction of one of the major storm drains has been halted by the government. A contractor who was on site with his equipment and materials was ordered by the government to stop work.

Residents are hoping the government will reconsider its decision and order the contractor back to work  because according to them if the drain is properly constructed it will direct all run waters to their proper place.

However, somewhere in early January 2017, the contractor left with his equipment after waiting on the government to reactive his contract.

According to the assemblyman for the area the contractor told him that he received a letter from the government ordering him to hold off as the contract was being repackaged.

But residents who were not happy about the development told Zaa News if the contractor was allowed to work which ended at north Nyanshegu bridge, recent flooding would have been averted or minimal.

The erstwhile NDC government according to residents tried its best and was able work on the storm drain from behind Anbbarriya to Nyanshegu North.

Speaking to Zaa News, the assemblyman for Nyanshegu/Gumani electoral area, Mr Shaibu Abukari Karimoggu said letters have been sent to the urban roads department of the Ministry of roads and highways pleading for reactivation of the contract but to avail.

Member of Parliament for Tamale North Mr Shaibu also visited the drain and promised  finding out what is keeping the project on hold.

Until the government repackages the contract for the Nyanshegu/Gumani storm drain, residents will continue to grapple with the floods and their associated problems.

Nyanshegu/Gumani has close to about 600 houses with only one 8-seater public toilet. Recent government policy posits that every landlord must have toilet facilities, he explained.

The inadequate toilet facilities Mr Shaibu said pose serious health challenge to the residents who have resorted to open defecation in the gutters.



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