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Residents in Tamale storm Ghana Water Company over lack of water

 Residents of Buglan Fong are demanding  the immediate transfer of the Northern Regional Ghana Water Company regional manager, Engineer Stephen Ndebugri.
The residents are accusing him of being the reason why water doesn’t flow in their taps for more than six months.

They alleged that the GWCL regional manager has private tankers that sell water to areas that do not have water.
The also accuse him of deliberately denying them water to serve his selfish interest of selling water to them
The residents on Tuesday morning clad in red arm bands matched to the regional office of GWCL demanding for the boss.

According to them, their elders and imams lodge complaints about the issue on several occasions but to no avail.
Affected areas included ‘Ward F’ area and the Dakpema palace area.
The residents said despite their taps not flowing, GWCL still bill them but they have vowed not to pay the bills. The unavailability of water in the area the residents say is affecting their daily lives.
They are therefore demanding that the Northern regional GWCL manager be changed or he will face their wrath if the situation doesn’t change.
The angry residents were initially prevented from entering into the main yard of the company but later allowed in to present their petition to management.
The regional manager who received the petition pleaded with them to exercise patience because their problem was not deliberate.
Mr Ndebugre explained to them that the demand for service has exceeded the supply due to increased population in the company’s operational area.
The demand he said has increased to about 90,000 cubic meters but due to power interruptions they can only produce 18,000 to 28,000 cubic meters daily.
The company he said will be able to produce 37,000 cubic meters daily when the electricity situation is improved.

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