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Government workers flees Chereponi over continue ethnic violence

Government workers in the Chereponi district have begun fleeing the area, following what they describe as worsening communal violence between Konkombas and Chokosi.

The workers, drawn from the health, education and agric sectors, on Monday converged at the Chereponi police station, requesting police escort out of the Chereponi Township.

According to them, they cannot continue to risk their lives in the conflict zone adding that, they don’t  know  when the people engaging in the fight refused to stop.

The workers expressed doubts about the what they described as insignificant security personnel duty to contain the situation.

An anxious JHS teacher, Seidu Abdul Rashid told Zaa News that, they fear for their lives and have been demanding security escort since yesterday but both the police and the military say their numbers are not enough.
The workers have secured metro mass and Yutong buses to take them out of the troubled town.

However, the route to use to Tamale, he said, is another big challenge because the usual Yendi-Chereponi road is unsafe.
According to him, the workers are requesting the security escort because the Co-ordinating Director and some other staff of the Chereponi district assembly, who were occupants of a vehicle, were shot yesterday around Wapuli and they fear that using that same road could land them into trouble.
The only alternative and somehow safer route for motorists traveling from Chereponi to Tamale, Mr Rashid said, is through Togo.
About 15 communities have been burnt on Tuesday at about 2am.
This brings to 17, the number of communities burnt so far, since the renewed violence erupted.
The police have so far arrested five persons in connection with the escalating communal violence in the Chereponi district of the North-east Region and the Saboba district of the Northern region.

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