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Residents locked up head teacher’s office, demand his transfer

Choggu demonstration JHS A head teacher’s office locked by residents

Residents of Choggu in the Sagnarigu Municipality earlier this morning stormed Choggu demonstration JHS A and locked up the office of the head teacher.

According to them, the head teacher, Mr. Abdul Wahab left the school to study abroad and the changes brought to the school by the new head revealed his incompetence. The new head, the community said has been able to develop the community in terms of education something they say, Mr. Wahab couldn’t do.

However, Mr. Wahab upon his arrival from his studies abroad was asked to take over as the head teacher while the new head was transferred from the school. This the Community members of Choggu do not want to accept.

A warning notice for his removal was pasted in front of his office in his absence and portions of the notice reads; “Mr. Wahab go back to the office for reposting”, “Mr. Wahab you are not the only qualified person to head Choggu demonstration”, “Mr. Wahab the Choggu community does not need your services in the school any more” among others. When Zaa news contacted the assembly member of the area, he confirmed the community’s action.

BY: Jonas Biawurbi

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