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Communities in Northern region demands treated water and roads ahead of 2020 elections

Women at Chansehgu in the Foshegu electoral area in  the Tamale metropolis have declared their intention not to participate in 2020 elections until they are provided with potable drinking water.

They have also resolved not to have anything to do with any politicians who according to them consistently lied to them on their water issue.

They have expressed their  disappointment at the Tamale metropolitan assembly and the member of Parliament for Tamale south who doubles as minority leader of Ghana’s parliament, Haruna Iddrisu.

Chansehgu community is directly opposite University for Development Studies Central administration and adjacent the Tamale central cemetery at Zungun.

They women made it clear that until duty bears provide them with water, 2020 nobody eligible voter will participate in the elections and the EC should not also made attempts to bring ballot boxes to the area.

The community apart from the water problem which is the major one is also struggling with access road that lead them to the main Tamale-Kumasi road even though they just a stone throw to regional department of feeder roads office.

Chansehgu is second community have to made known their position to politicians ahead of 2020 elections after Oseindo in the Yendi Municipality that they will not vote if the main road bridge  linking the community to the Yendi road is not fixed.

Their demands was after the finance minister declared 2020 as a year of roads when he presented 2020 budget to parliament.

On 12th December, 2019 angry residents of Kulnyevilla, a community within the Sagnarigu Municipality also registered their protest over neglect and gave government and political parties one month to attend to their concerns or forget campaigning in their community.
But for the angry women at Chansehgu who were upset about their predicaments said their continue struggling with animals in the only serve which is at the verge of drying up was di-humanizing.

The women said they fear of contracting water born diseases  because the  animals urinate and defecate in the muddy dam.

The lack of water the women narrated, was  affecting their pity trade and their  children education.

‘Our children go to school very late and sometimes without bathing’, how can community within Tamale be going through this, Afishetu Alidu lamented.

The frustrated women said they buy a gallon of treated water 50 pesewas and sometimes one cedis.

‘We are part of Tamale, the adjourning communities intermittently gets treated  water from Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) but Chansehgu no, we have counciled 2020 elections because voting has no use to us, the angry women fumed.
Mr Sulemana Fuseini who spoke to Zaa News on behalf of the youth  said they have gone to GWCL on several occasions to lodge complaint but officials responds was that there is low pressure in their pipeline.
Mr Fuseini said the community members have learnt a greater lessons from politicians and have resolved to vote for anybody who will honestly bring development to them but. ‘We won’t vote for symbols. We won’t vote those who will see us to bee seeds or those who turned themselves to be palm trees’ Mr Fuseini said.

Assembly man for the area, Mr Ibrahim Baba who corroborated with the community members told Zaa News that he and the chief of the community Issifu Napari met GWCL officials over time without number.

Mr Ibrahim qoated GWCL officials as saying that’ your community has two different pipelines, one from Dohini area and the other from feeder roads office area’.

According to him, a distribution manager promised dispatching a team to relook at the situation for possible solutions but is yet to be done.

Chansehgu community situated around Tamale central central or zungun have been struggling with the water problem for seven years now.

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