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East Gonja; travellers escape Ferry disaster

There was near major disaster at Mankago in the East Gonja  district of the Savanna region a ferry sunken with travelers and goods.

Hundreds of passengers onboars  the ferry quickly move to speedy boats by rescue team consisting National Fire Service and officials of Beauro of the National Investigation (BNI) and the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) to the offshore of the lake.
Eye witnesses say vehicles on the ferry stucked on the lake with loads.

Assembly man for Mankago Electoral Area, Awudu Osman Gani told Zaa News the ferry  was carrying 4 cargos trucks goods, two kia Rhino’s cars.

Two of the vehicles he said  2 of the Lorries loaded with tubers of yam sunked. The incident occurred at about 12:58pm Friday when the ferry was making is second trip from Yeji to Mankago.

The ferry is old and care is not taken, a major disaster will occur, Mr Awudu lamented.

Community members Mr Awudu added mobilized and  to provide assistance to get the sunken vehicles out from the Lake.

Mr Awudu Gaani recalled that the only time the ferry gest attention is when Buipe and Yapei bridges are closedown.

No causality

The travelers were evacuated safely and have since continued their journey with different means.

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