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Savannah regional minister warns against conflict in the region

The Savannah Regional minister, Mr Adam Salifu Braimah has urged the people of the region to desist from conflicts and conflict related activities and remain calm as authorities work to find lasting peace for the area. The minister said he was not happy that such a young region is suffering from numerous chieftaincy disputes and called for an immediate cease fire.

Mr. Braimah made the call when he together with his deputy, Mr. Samuel Tika visited Jintilpe and Nasoyiri in the Sawla District where there was a clash between the chiefs and people of Jintilpe (Vagla tribe) and Nasoyiri (Brifors) on Sunday 16th June 2019.

According to authorities, the conflict started when traditional leaders of Jintilpe reportedly sent their youth to nearby communities to catch fowls for sacrifice to the gods and to purify the land as it is done every year according to their traditions.

However, the people of Nasoyiri resisted the Jintilpe youth’s attempt to catch fowls in their community and attacked them. The minister pointed out that it was unfortunate for the newly created region to start on that note. He assured residents of the two communities that the issue will be dealt with accordingly.

Mr Braimah went on to appeal to the two communities to remain calm and let peace prevail. The two communities, Jintilpe and Nasoyiri are under the Bole traditional area and are superintended by the paramount chief of Bole.

Meanwhile, Bole is currently suffering from its own chieftaincy dispute and is being ruled by two chiefs, a situation which kept the town under curfew.

Meanwhile two persons from Nasoyiri (Brifor tribe) were injured while others from Jintlepe (Vagal tribe) also suffered injuries during the struggle but they were all treated and discharged at the Sawla district hospital. The regional minister has therefore invited leadership of the two communities to a meeting on Wednesday 19th June, 2019 at Damongo, the regional capital.

Speaking to this reporter on the matter, the Vagla chief of Jintilpe, Vaglikori Bawela Baglinzum, explained that the sacrifice was an annual affair and meant to increase food production as well as to foster peace and unity among the people of the land. He added that the whole exercise started at Jintilpe and then proceeded to other communities before it moved on to Nasoyiri and he could therefore not fathom why people of Nasoyiri would attack his people.

No arrest has been made so far, authorities said.

By: Jonas Biawuribi

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