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Stop using victims of burns to portray demons in your movies-GFD to movie producers

The Ghana Federation of the Disabled (GFD) has pleaded with the movie producers in the country to stop stigmatizing its members.

The federation said it is not happy with the movie producers using characters that depicts victims of burns in Ghana in movies.
The producers, GFD said, are fond of using such characters in roles that indicate that victims of either fire accident, gas or acid attack are demons.

The GFD said it finds this unfortunate and urged movie producers to put a stop it because it portray victims as demons.

The Monitory and Evaluation Officer of Ghana Federation of the Disabled, Mr. Moses Fordjour told Zaa News at a day’s media engagement forum on sexual reproductive health in Tamale, that the GFD has reached an agreement with Ghana Statistical Service to find a new instrument in capturing persons with disability in Ghana.

Mr Fordjour explained that the agreement follows serious concerns it raised about the way and manner enumerators carried out the 2010 population and housing census.

Commenting on the Adenta-Madina road killings, Mr Fordjour described the comments by by government officials, intellectuals and the media commentary on the Adenta-Madina highway pedestrians’  deaths as ignorance.

He said all those speaking on the condition of the Adenta road are speaking out of ignorance. He explained that GFD raised issues on the design of the footbridge and even took Ghana highway authority to court in 2014 .
The case, he said is still pending in court and urged the roads and highway ministry and the government to do the proper thing or it will be cited of contempt in court. GFD he added is waiting on a wrong move by government so that it can slap it with contempt of court.

He said the government needed to acquire land and compensate the people. GFD wants the place to be disability friendly. The federation Mr Fordjour said  regretted that the 18-year- old Mariam who until her untimely death was their member. And,  because she was an albino who by their nature have vision problems, her attempts to cross the road resulted in her untimely death caused by a reckless driver.

The spokesperson for the Ghana Federation of persons with Disability, Mr. Adam Abdul Wahab called on the Ghana Health Service to either redefine some of the policies or formulate disability inclusive policies.
He said a stigma research the federation carried out in Greater Accra and Northern regions indicates most health personnel at the hospitals are not aware that disabled persons have rights.

“We lost two of our members in health facilities. A deaf pregnant woman was in labor and because the nurses at ward do not understand sing language she suffered in pain and eventually died,” Mr Wahab recounted.

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