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Tamale Magistrate remands 4 allege killers of Cop into prison


A magistrate court 2 in Tamale has remanded four suspects into prison custody to reappear on the 22 of August.

The four suspects are standing trial in the murder of police officer corpral Agartha Nana Nabin who was murdered at a checkpoint at the Malsheigu in the sagnarigu municipality last Tuesday.

They are Issahaku Yakubu Kabo-Na, Anass Issahaku alias chief Kanzolia and Zulka Abdallah.

The trial judge Amadu Seidu said he was sennsitive to human rights and the interest of individuals in the cases that he adjudicates which people sometimes comes to ask him whether he has jurisdiction.

He said not even the supreme Court is capable of questioning the critical issues he takes into consideration when he is admitting someone to bail.

His worship Justice Amadu said usually he would allow investigation to complete and investigations cannot be complete and they will fail to give him the facts.

Citing a rape case in April this year he adjudicated he said the facts were very usurped , unfortunate and a direct assault to human rights because a suspect was alleged to have raped a girl on the 19 of April 2019 and on the fifth day of May the boyfriend of the girl took her to the hospital and the doctor examine her and found evidence of fresh semen indicating that the girl did not bath neither did she urinate from the 19 of April to the fifth of May.

This he said was a direct calculation to tarnish the image of the suspect.

The judge said he didn’t wait for the Attorney General but admitted the person to bail regards of the public opinion.

He said what he cases about is on record any High Court judge can set it aside looking at the issues critically.

He said for now he is mindful of what ever he doing and conscious of human rights adding that when he remands someone he is worried but when he juxtapose it against the possibility of the harm that has been done he would holds his peace.

He insist the police must continue their investigations adding that because of the public interest in the matter he knows the AG will expedite action and the matter would be tried expeditiously as possible.

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