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The girl child deserves better- Head of Program Policy and Campaigns at Norsaac


The Girl child must be given an equal opportunity to life. This is according to a Head of Program Policy and Campaigns at Norsaac Hafasatu Sey Sumani. She urged all stakeholders to continue to strive for a better Ghana for girls and all children in Ghana. According to her, children especially girls, need the most protection and society must ensure that, their rights are protected.

She also called for a world where every girl and woman can realize all her rights, such as to live free from violence, to attend and complete school, to choose when and whom she marries, and to earn equal pay for equal work. Hajiah Hafsah was speaking in an interview with Zaa news in commemoration of this years’ International Day of the girl child celebration.

The United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 66/170 to decline October 11th as the international day of the girl child to recognized girl’s rights and the unique challenges girls face around the world. This year’s celebration is on the theme; ‘’Digital generation. Our generation’’. Hajia Hasifah said the upbringing of the girl child is a shared responsibility and everyone must get involved.

She said ‘’ I think we all have to get involved in all aspects of the way we bring up our children especially girls, whether is a community, home or school, traditional authorities, teachers, and parents, we all have to get involved because every aspect of their life has an impact on the society whether we like it or not’’, she noted.

Hajiah Hafisah also expressed dissatisfaction over the manner issues of gender based violence are handled.

‘’When there is an issue on gender based violence, the institutions handle them is another thing and that is one thing we all face now in terms of implementing these policies that we have’’, Hajiah lamented.

The program Coordinator appealed to parents to take the training and protection of their children especially the female child seriously.

She noted, ‘’Everything has to start from the home, so if today you’re not able to take care of your children, nobody will do that for you. Parents will have to be responsible in taking care of the children’’.

By: Lilian D. Walter/

Head of Program Policy and Campaigns

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