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Too much political interference in our work-CLOGSAG fumes


Fed up with being disrespected by government officials and personal aides, the northern regional chapter of the Civil and Local Government Staff Association of Ghana (CLOGSAG) is urging its National Executive Committee to convene an emergency meeting on the matter.

According to CLOGSAG, the rampant transfers of senior level management at some Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) in the region is worrying and needs urgent attention to retain civil servants at the local government level. 

The association is much particular about what they described as rampant transfers and a growing phenomenon ‘I can’t work with you’ by some Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives(MMDCEs).

They mentioned information officers, coordinating directors, finance and planning officers as those currently going through unfair treatment by the political leadership in their respective areas.

Special assistants taking over the job schedules of staff within the civil and local government service, those with political clout meddling in the administration of the assemblies were some of the other complaints lodged by the association.

Addressing the media in Tamale, the regional secretary of CLOGSAG, Mr. Yushawu Abdul Latif said its members can’t work with MMDCEs who tend to push them aside.

 CLOGSAG members, he said, are expected to serve successive governments without being political. Explaining how wide spread transfers are, the northern regional chairman of the association, Mr. Abdul-M.K Dawuni Fatawu lamented about the frustration some civil servants are going through.

Mr Fatawu said most of them are given lines and instructions to work with but political appointees are frustrating them.

“It is not a pleasant situation and the NEC must intervene. By the civil service code of conduct, workers can only be transferred after five years of service but it is unusual to go on transfer after only months, he explained further.

Some of the members, he said, have been transferred five times within one or two months which is becoming inconvenient to them, especially those with families.

Even though he fell short of going into details of interference and show of power at the Tamale metropolis where there is no coordinating director, Mr Fatawu said he knew some one is acting as director.

The director left, he said, and the former director who was transferred to another municipality refused to come back to Tamale when political authority requested.



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