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We are not in normal times-Northern Regional Minister pleads with media ahead of crucial funerals

The Northern Regional Minister and Chairman of the Northern Regional Security Council (REGSEC),  Mr Salifu Saeed has made a passionate appeal to journalists and media houses in the region not to allow their “organizations to be used as conduits for violence.

Mr Saeed, at a meeting with managers, directors, regional correspondents and news editors of media houses, pleaded that everyone should support his administration in its effort to promote absolute peace in Dagbon.

The meeting, the minister explained, was to seek partnership with the media in ensuring that there is peace in the region.

“We are not in normal times, as we use to enjoy absolute peace in the past,” Mr Saeed stated, adding that the media houses must use their avenues to promote peace. “It cannot be business as usual because many may want to use your medium to inflame passions.”

He warned that the regional security council has resolved that any individual, community or group who intends on creating confusion will be sternly dealt with.

He reminded the people in the region that no government or even the three eminent chiefs will take credit for peace in Dagbon.

Earlier on Tuesday, the REGSEC met Imams and religious leaders and it was resolved that media or people organizing press conferences seek clearance first or it will be considered illegal.

“Nobody stands to benefit from the prolonged dispute,” Mr Saeed stated.

The Andanis and Yagbonwura, the minister said, left for Accra on Tuesday and on Wednesday another batch comprising the Nayiri and the Abudus will leave for Accra and the Asantehene will formally present the report to the president.

Veteran journalist and the current director of North Star Radio, Mr Salia Musah Goodman suggested to REGSEC to set up a command center to assist the media in reporting during, before and after the performance of the funerals of the two late Ya Naas.

He recounted that in 1974, when he was a young reporter the matter was handled with the media being mindful of their reporting.

This, he said will help the media to carry out their work without any hinderance from the authorities.  He also pleaded with his colleague journalists to be circumspect in their reportage. “What will you gain as a media house or journalist in fueling the situation,” he asked.



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