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We’ll no longer tolerate insecurity up North – Iddrisu

Minority leader Haruna Iddrisu has urged government to put measures in place to curb the rising insecurity in the Northern region.

According to him, the people of the Northern region can no longer tolerate the gross insecurity which they are currently bedeviled with.

Speaking after his confirmation in the just ended NDC primaries, Mr. Haruna implored the police and other security forces in the region to up their game in tackling the growing insecurity.

“We are concerned about the growing insecurity in Northern region, particularly Tamale and its environs. We are seeing growing incidents of crime, growing incidents of open armed robbery, growing incidents of seizure in the name of I will kill you. The police must be up and doing to guarantee our safety and security. We will not accept anything short of a guaranteed safety and security for the people of Tamale and Northern region. And therefore the growing insecurity is our primary concern,” Mr. Iddrisu said.

The minority leader also accused the government of recruiting NPP party vigilantes into the police service, urging that such officers be swept out of the service. He indicated that the NPP government in an attempt to prevent threats from their party vigilantes rewarded them with service work.

Mr. Iddrisu added that until vigilantes who are recruited into the security services are uprooted, President Akufo-Addo and his government should forget fighting vigilantism.

“What happened was that, some of the NPP vigilante groups, because of their threat, they were recruited into the police, because of their threat, they were recruited into the armed forces, we will not accept that. They should let us know them and stamp them out.

The Tamale South lawmaker noted that the country needs a credible and professional police force that is loyal to the citizens and not to a specific political party.

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