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What is next after Independence Day celebration beautification of Tamale

The Tamale Township undoubtedly is one of the neatest and beautiful in the country today. The central business district which just last week was one of the filthiest and nasty has overnight seen complete change. Choked gutters with pungent smells have also been desilted.

Pedestrian walkways and trees along ceremonial roads have turned white. Since the announcement by president that Tamale will host the 62nd national independence parade, city authorities and their counterparts in the Sagnarigu municipality have been busy in a bit to clean up several months of mess left unattended.

Two roundabouts to the Aliu Mahama sports stadium were adorned with the national flags and grass carpet.

Can it be left there after 6th March and who will take proper care to keep the newly created beauty intact? May be some jobs for a handful of the teeming unemployed.

Well, the city has for now no option than to up their games before the appointing authority touch down for the historic celebration of Ghana’s Independence Day.

Even though a lot of things have been put in place to please the president and host of other dignitaries including diplomatic corps, the central business district is still congested with pedestrians still competing with hawkers.

Residents in and around the stadium have been seen with beautiful Ghana flags flying high. The area which used to be open for the public is now a security zone and has since be placed under surveillance by the national security.

The uncompleted abandoned stadium will catch the world’s attention and forgotten immediately after the event, typical of Ghanaian authorities.

The exterior looks like the stadium is complete but the interior will shock any football fan and any admirer of magnificent buildings.

The most criticized waste management giant in Ghana, Zoomlinon Ghana limited has done creditably well in ensuring that the venue for the 62nd independence celebration is done in a serene and neat environment.

Zoomlion Ghana for almost a week now have been busy desilting chocked gutters in and around the Aliu Mahama sports stadium. Zoomlion human sweepers and the mechanical road sweepers have been working 24/7 to clean the area.

The company aside the cleaning has also changed the face of the runabouts leading to the venue by branding them with Ghana flags and greening the place.

Northern Regional Vector Control Officer of Zoomlion, Abdul Aziz Yelsuma told Zaa News, staff of the company is working hard to ensure that the place is conducive for everyone participating in the event. The staff he said will continue to be at the stadium to keep it tidy.

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