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Witches Camps must be disbanded in the northern region -Former Deputy Gender Minister

A former deputy minister of women, gender and children has called for a total disbandment of all witches’ camps in the northern region.

Hajia Boya said it is not only in the northern region that has alleged witches and that  the region cannot continue to camp the poor women accused of being witches.
She said the reintegration of the alleged witches cannot be an excuse for their continued stay at the camp.
Hajia Boya told Zaa News that as of the time she was leaving the Ministry during the former John Dramani Mahama regime, about 96 women were reintegrated into their various communities.

She explained that, if there is a death in any community that has links to witchcraft, it’s difficult to reintegrate but if there is no death, it is easy to reintegrate and charged the current sector minister to wake up from her slumber, if she is sleeping and deal with the issue.

She could not understand why it is only poor aged women who are always accused of witchcraft but not the educated, rich women or women with big family names.
Hajia Boya stated that, she cannot confirm or deny the existence of witchcraft because it is a belief and that when someone is being accused, the person must be taken to shrines and the necessary rituals performed but not to be subjected into inhuman treatment such stripping them naked or physical abuse.
She also pleaded with the communities to accept women accused of witchcraft back after the shrines prove them innocent.

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