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Zara of GMB supports Fuu D/A Primary and JHS with 1000 books

Zara presenting the books to the headmaster of the Primary school

The Northern region’s representative for this year’s Ghana’s Most Beautiful  (GMB), Zara Suleman has donated one thousand exercise books to Fuu D/A Primary and JHS in the North East Gonja District.

Zara extended this gesture after her team saw a very disturbing video and pictures of the pupils being compelled to lie on their stomachs to write on the bare floor due to lack of furniture and exercise books.

Zara and her team have so far donated seven thousand out of ten thousand exercise books to some schools including some palaces to be distributed to students to aid in teaching and learning.

She has chosen to let her project focus on education to help in providing learning materials to improve the academic performance of students in the Northern Region.

This, she explained is part of her initiative to give back to soceity for supporting her whiles on the GMB platform.

Addressing the students, Zara advised them to focus on their studies and make good use of the exercise books donated to them.

“For now, the most important thing is to focused on your books and forget about boyfriend-girlfriend relationships if you really want to go far in your academic life and life in general. You can equally be like me in future but all is about sticking to your books and being able to get to the next stage of the academic ladder”, Zara said.

She appealed to philanthropists and CSOs to come to her aid as she aims at getting more teaching and learning materials to deprived schools in the Northern Region.

On his part, the headmaster for the Primary school, Alhassan Mutala described Zara’s gesture as a record he has never seen before since he took over the administration of the school.

He said lack of exercise books has always been a challenge but added that Zara’s timely intervention of donating exercise books to them will go a long way to aid in teaching and learning at the school.

He thanked the team for the kind gesture and wished them well as they plan to distribute more teaching and learning materials to other deprived schools.

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