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A Toxic And Intolerant Political Environment Speaks Volumes About Pres. Nana Akuffo Addo.

If you were to ask me what I thought about our current political environment, I won’t hesitate to tell you matter of fact that, there isn’t much to write home to mom about. In the first place, it is horrendous, toxic, intolerant and very disappointing.

Just take a look at the political landscape and what you see despite the elaborate deception put forth by our politicians is a broken system littered with detritus, inadequacies and threats.

One such threat is political vigilantism which has morphed into a malignant virus with a vise like stranglehold on our wobbly political system, ever ready to do it in, destroy it completely.

And, shamefully, our politicians are running scared, too petrified to restrain the growing menace. As a direct consequence of their gross and blatant negligence, political violence is on the rise; enterprising young reporters are assaulted and in extreme cases, physically eliminated.

And as if matters couldn’t get any worse for the political system, the cedi has become worthless, corruption is rampant, cronyism pervasive and abuse of power insidious all of which is an indictment of the ruling administration and makes the sitting President look really bad, indeed impotent, to put it more succinctly. Some have argued that he is missing in action. There couldn’t be a clearer and better description.

The one truism that is inescapable is the fact that in Ghana today if you are wealthy, filthy rich and politically connected, you literally can get away with murder. You can flout laid down regulations, break our laws at will and no voice will be raised against your transgressions. Instead, you will be patted on the back and sent on your merry way home.

Two known individuals symbolize everything that is wrong with our political system. Pastor Bempah, the repugnant self-acclaimed man of God and Kennedy Agyapong the perennial bad boy of Ghanaian politics.

In the past week, the two men’s egregious behavior confirmed what is being said about our political system, that it is rotten to the core and needs to be revamped.

Reports had it last week that Bempah stormed the premises of XYZ radio station in Accra in a bid to confront Mugabe Maase, the loudmouth political talk show host. The much despised pastor falsely claimed Mugabe had insulted him on air by calling him a pig and done same to the President. So, he sought out Mugabe ostensibly to ask him a few questions.

But we all know the true intentions of Bempah who was accompanied by four large men reportedly with guns.

Agyapong true to form is said to have confronted a police commander during the student demonstrations at the University of Education in Winneba. He yelled and screamed at the officer which wasn’t in the least surprising given his past exploits. He then threatened to have the officer fired.

The audacity of these two misfits is stunning. Bempah could have used the court system to address his grievance with Mugabe. Instead, he chose to flex his muscle. As for Mr. Agyapong, he had no business obstructing the work of a public servant and threatening to put him out of work.

The behavior of these men appalling as it is, wasn’t in the least surprising. They exploited their proximity to the Presidency to do as they wish with no fear of being reprimanded.

We are in different times, politically speaking and things are only going to get worse because the President is either scared of these men or unwilling to tell them to cease and desist from behaving like juveniles.

The victim in all this drama, dear Zaa radio listeners, is our young democracy.

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