By all measures, Ghana is a very conservative society. Ghanaians, by and large, are unquestionably religious; in fact, religion is an integral part of our lives. We place a special premium on our relationship with the creator. And, we wear our

Across the political landscape on the African continent, from Cairo in the North to Kigali in the South, dictators and authoritarians are holding sway through the employment of a variety of dubious methods and means to cling to power. They are

With the general elections tantalizingly close, the ruling NPP is pulling all the stops to vastly improve its chances of retaining power. It is going to be a hard climb for the NPP as political experts are predicting. Afraid it is

The recent flare up of violence in Kpantiga where a life was deliberately snuffed out and properties in the thousands of cedis destroyed, once again is a sad and painful reminder of how impervious we northerners are to wise counsel