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Anytime the unpolished Mr. Koku Anyihodo opens his mouth, the nation holds its collective breath

Across the Ghanaian political landscape, Mr. Koku Anyidoho, the deputy general secretary of the NDC,  is known as a loose cannon, a blow-hard and a flame thrower; by almost every estimate, he is impulsive, unrestrained and given to outrageous statements.

Anytime Mr. Anyihodo opens his mouth, the nation hold its collective breath; his unpolished statements can be unsettling and offensive. On occasions, he has crossed the line, inviting hauls of scorn and condemnation. Yet, Mr. Anyihodo just cannot seem to steer away from controversy. He literally invites trouble.

His ill-advised, poorly-timed and unfortunate remarks early this week about a peoples coup that would topple the NPP, were not unexpected. After all, this is a man who wears his anger on his sleeve.

The remarks were swiftly condemned, and rightly so. And the fact that the NDC immediately distanced itself from Mr. Anyihodo’s assertions underpins the party’s genuine commitment to the nation’s interests.

Mr. Anyihodo should have been more measured, circumspect in his response to the NPP’s generous gift to the United States.

Yes, the military deal is a slap in the face of Ghanaians, but it does not warrant threatening a duly elected democratic government with forceful removal from office. Any mention of a coup, be it civilian inspired or military led, invokes unpleasant memories for Ghanaians.

We went through three brutal and traumatizing military coup d’etats. Coups are morally repugnant and politically destabilizing. Ghana does not need them.

If we want a change of government, we will effect it through the ballot box. We can’t afford ostracization by the international community that would surely come after a silly coup. Mr. Anyihodo knows that as much as the next politico. So why he would even venture near that dreaded word “coup” beats me. For his puerile antics, Mr. Anyihodo “richly” deserves the taunts and jeers.

But as the NPP cuts Mr. Anyihodo down to size by hauling him before the BNI, it ought to take note of the anger that is building among Ghanaians who took to the streets of the nation’s capital, Accra, to register their strongest protest yet of the demeaning military agreement.

Wednesday’s massive demonstration was clear, unobscured evidence that Ghanaians have soured on the deal and want a prompt reversal.The demonstrators were telegraphing a succinct message; they would no longer be show watchers; they will henceforth be active participants in policy decisions that directly impact their lives.

Mr. Akuffo Addo and his government have committed a foreign policy blunder of huge proportions with wide reaching implications that could stretch for years to come, yet they seem oblivious to the cries of concern of their country men and women. This, I believe, constitutes perfect grounds for the party’s dismissal from office come December, 2020.

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