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Appease Menzgold Customers by Arresting NAM 1

You see them on the evening news, venting their anger at government for its gross indifference at their plight and at a fly-by-night financial cabal for fleecing them out of hard-earned savings, and the image tugs at your heart, stirring up the innate humanity in you.
Invariably, a deep empathy bubbles up and you want so desperately to hug them and whisper words of encouragement —- that you feel their pain and that everything will be okay.
But life will never be the same again for the MENZGOLD INVESTORS whose lives have been profoundly altered and their world radically upended by a conman masquerading as a financial whiz-kid.
Of course, there are some among us who will have none of what I expressed in the previous paragraphs; they shed no tears for our fellow citizens they dismissively portray as gullible and naive, and who, they intimate, were propelled by greed to trust their nest-eggs with an unproven gold speculator going by the acronym NAM 1.
Yes, I agree; the Menzgold investors failed to do due diligence — did not listen to wise counseling and failed to ask pertinent questions, but a lot of blame ought to go around; other entities are just as culpable; they tacitly encouraged NAM 1 and his cohorts of snake-oil salesmen and women to perpetuate a dastardly financial crime against unsuspecting Ghanaians.
The NDC, the NPP, the Bank of Ghana, the Security and Exchange Commission and Parliament should all bury their heads in the sand like the proverbial ostrich for enabling Menzgold.
They were in awe of this new kid on the block, NAM1, who exploited their vulnerabilities and essentially browbeat them into granting him the license to take some of our brothers and sisters to the cleaners.
I take particular umbrage with legislator, Mr. Ato Forson’s vain attempt to pin the rap on the NPP, to hold the party solely responsible for nudging Menzgold to entice Ghanaians with grandiose dreams of earning hefty returns on their investments. His grandstanding on the issue is rank hypocrisy; he knows the deal.
To be sure, we are not on the cusp of a social upheaval inspired by the “disgruntled” Menzgold investors, not least based on their beef or grievances with a private financial entity, a duplicitous one at that; they were not compelled to give their monies to NAM 1, they did it on their own volition.
However, if the anger and discontent currently on display by the investors continue to fester, who knows what it may lead to as we head into a new year.

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