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Blacks Stars Disappoint

The loud sound you heard on Monday night was the Black Stars crashing out of the AFCON Tournament in faraway Egypt.

Tunisia, a side which until that fateful evening hadn’t won a game, mercifully put an end to Ghana’s dreams. It edged out the feckless Black Stars on penalties.

It was a spectacular fall for a team that nine years ago in the World Cup in South Africa captured the collective heart of the nation and the world with its dazzling play and superb efforts.

Monday’s defeat was a huge disappointment for Ghanaians who have stood by the Stars through thick and thin. Much was expected of the team. It was supposed to ride history and tradition to the top of African football.

The nation’s hopes for a trophy in 37 years rested on its shoulders. But our hopes were dashed. We were let down massively.

Sadly, the fact that the Black Stars disappointed millions of Ghanaians is a sober reminder of how inadequate preparations, unmitigated arrogance, empty bravado and unbridled overconfidence can turn dreams into dust.

Some have said the Stars, especially those playing in the various European Leagues did not put out their best. While others have attributed the Stars’ poor showing to the presence of girlfriends, wives, sugar mamas and what have you. This is absolutely laughable.

And a particular loudmouth TV presenter in Accra, Nana Aba Anamoah called for Coach Kwesi Appiah’s head. Crazy idea if you ask me. At this juncture let me say we are all speculating, acting like Monday morning football coaches. So, it will be presumptuous to assign reasons for the Stars quick demise in Egypt.

Moreover, blaming the Black Stars defeat on a variety of reasons is tantamount to diminishing the victory of the Tunisian national team, who, it should be noted played their hearts out and justifiably earned the important promotion to the next round —the semi-finals. Suffice it to say they were more committed than their Ghanaian counterparts.

Despite everything that happened in Egypt, my hope is that there shouldn’t be any rush to embark on actions that will further complicate issues.  Finally, what can we say or do as a nation that has just watched its football team sent packing home.

Nothing I guess, except to throw up our hands in the air and hope that our football authorities will put on their thinking caps and do what is best for Ghana’s football. All is not lost yet.


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