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Confident Mr. Addo Predicts Victory In 2020 Even As The Economy Continues To Struggle

If there is one politician in Ghana who exudes supreme confidence, it is none other than the President himself, Mr. Nana Akuffo Addo.

Never one to shy away from controversy, Mr Addo just doesn’t mince his words, he means them, every one of them. I guess that is the modus operandi of desperate political leaders.

Take for instance his recent astonishing pronouncement that the NDC would lose to him in 2020 by a million votes.

I am still scratching my bald pate to understand how the president arrived at such a self-serving conclusion that he would easily run over the NDC given the grim economic circumstances he is currently presiding over.

Mr. Addo’s bravado and posture beg some questions. Does Mr. Addo have so much confidence that Ghanaians will return him to office, even as they struggle every passing day to make ends meet financially?

Or did he commission a comprehensive survey of Ghanaian voters and was reassured that he will eventually emerge victorious in the 2020 elections?

Or is he simply doing what politicians do when their backs are against the wall…..when they are faced with adversity and have no other recourse but to take shots at their political enemies and hope the electorate sticks with them?

Overwhelmed by events and left with no other choice, politicians project a false image of strength, character and resolute, despite the fact that the world is rapidly collapsing around them.

That is exactly what the President was doing when he said with a straight face that the NDC will be vanquished in the next general elections.

Frankly, Mr. Addo is living in a parallel universe, la la land as the Americans say. His capacity for self-delusion is breath taking.

His statement is further evidence that the man is still groping in the dark and has yet to come to terms with the magnitude of the problems that have engulfed his fellow Ghanaians.

So, he keeps on saying absurd stuff that does not reflect the harsh realities on the ground.

On the other side of the political spectrum is the newly minted director of communications for the main opposition party the NDC, Mr. Sammy Gyamfi.

He came out of the recently concluded NDC delegates’ conference with his guns blazing, wanting so much to take the fight to the party’s main political nemesis, the NPP which he viciously attacked.

When he slammed the President for going to South Africa on an official visit and misrepresented it as Mr. Addo’s personal junket, Mr. Gyamfi had crossed the lines of decency. It was crude hyper partisanship on display.

Though he has expressed remorse for blatantly ignoring the facts of Mr. Addo’s visit to South Africa and going for the kill, Mr. Gyamfi has within a short tenure in office already done a lot of damage to his party.

His unabashed utterances portray the NDC as a political organization in dire straits and desperate to win back political power at any cost.

Mr. Gyamfi might be doing what political hacks do on a daily basis; but his zeal is misplaced and his efforts at disparaging the NPP and dealing in falsehoods aren’t exactly the right path to political redemption for his party. Ghanaians deserve better.

In the long run, Ghanaians want the two parties to eschew partisanship and join forces to find permanent solutions to the grinding poverty which in itself is an assault on their humanity.



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