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Finally Government Has The Backbone to Order The Arrest of NAM 1

If news reports that an Accra Circuit Court has ordered the arrest of those behind the largest financial scam in the country are credible, the disgruntled customers of Menzgold, I can imagine, are besides themselves with joy and justifiably so; they have suffered long enough and endured indignities reserved only for the most reviled in society.
The sight of Nana Appiah Mensah and his cohorts being frogmarched out of Police Headquarters in Accra will be a richly deserving coup de grace for the young “buck” who had no compunction about stealing from fellow Ghanaians.
One question that ought to be asked is this: why did it take authorities this long to finally decide that it was time to slap the cuffs on NAM 1?
After all, evidence of his misdeeds was abundant and irrefutable; it was there in broad daylight, manifested daily by the large crowds of angry Menzgold depositors, pleading with authorities and threatening NAM 1 for refunds.
What were authorities waiting for? Did they think he was going to pull off a Bernie Madoff — the American investment banker who bilked investors a couple of years ago and when the gig was up, decided to walk into a police precinct in Manhattan and give himself up ? NAM 1 isn’t that “charitable;” he has no honest bone in his body. Did authorities develop cold feet because they, too, had been hoodwinked by this smartass young man? These are questions that need to be looked into.
Anyway, reports — per an authoritative source, Gabby Otchere Darko — have it that NAM 1 has absconded.
Authorities may have slow walked investigations into the financial scandal at Menzgold, but be that as it may, they have at least shown a backbone by ordering NAM 1’s arrest. ABOUT TIME! 
We may be jumping ahead of ourselves, but if and when this slick young man is arrested and brought before a court of law, justice should be fair but swift. Ghanaians will be watching the proceedings keenly if anything at all to see how the rich are treated by the justice system.

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