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Ken Agyapong May Not Be Responsible For Suale’s Murder, But He Laid The Groundwork.


It is way too early, to assume the unthinkable — that Ghana’s preeminent bloviator, the most egocentric politician of our time — Mr. Kennedy Agyapong — may have had a hand in last week’s cold-blooded murder of Mr. Ahmed Hussein Suale, an investigative journalist with Anas Inc.

Kennedy Agyapong’s comeuppance/day of reckoning is nigh; it is long overdue. Somebody ought to bring him down from the false pedestal he occupies and from which he cunningly surveys the political landscape like a colossus, riding roughshod over all of us.

Of course, no one in his/her right frame of mind and without the benefit of provable evidence would dare accuse the Assin Central lawmaker of orchestrating the killing of the young journalist.

However, it should be pointed out that Mr. Agyapong’s behavior and utterances have helped tremendously to fuel suspicions that he facilitated the elimination of Mr. Suale.

Mr. Agyapong’s belligerence after the release of the Nyantakyi video was particularly abhorrent and noteworthy. He did the rounds of media stations in Accra, casting aspersions on Anas and in the process blowing Mr. Suale’s cover, a singular despicable act that ultimately led to the killing last week. For that alone Mr. Agyapong is guilty in the court of public opinion.

While there aren’t as yet verifiable connections between Mr. Agyapong and the cowardly killers of Mr. Suale, the sad event, nonetheless, should be a learning curve for the combative legislator. But the fundamental and lingering question is: will the ever cantankerous Agyapong glean anything from the tragedy?

Will Mr. Know-it-all, the one politician who has made life greatly uncomfortable for his own party and by extension for the entire country, for once in his political career and personal life, be humble, respectful of our laws and recede into the background, in effect, take a backseat, as authorities gather evidence related to the dastardly crime and search for the killers of Mr. Suale?

I have my doubts and so do many others that Mr. Agyapong would comport himself. In the immediate aftermath of the murder, Mr. Agyapong went on the offensive, engaging in some bizarre conspiracy theories and suggesting rather unconvincingly that Anas was involved in the killing of his own employee.

Mr. Agyapong’s audacity and bombastic and insane pronouncements are the direct results of the glaring inability of his party to rein him in.

He insults, disrespects, intimidates and bullies almost everyone in the NPP and shockingly, no one in the organization has the fortitude to call him out on his brutally nasty attitude that has slowly but steadily debased our political discourse.

Mr. Suale’s killing has had ramifications outside our borders and way beyond the wicked  imaginations of those who planned and paid for it.  Our country has suffered  reputational damage as a consequence of the gruesome murder.

We have now joined the ignoble list of rogue nations that are hostile to journalists. Recovery from this blow to our carefully crafted image will not be easy.  It will take years before the international community reposes any trust in us again.





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