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Ken Agyepong Has Hijacked Our Politics

Mr. Ken Agyepong, the obnoxious and crass Assin Foso legislator never ceases to amaze me. Anytime the dude is in the public space, he is either ranting and raving or verbally bullying and intimidating a hapless politician, a journalist, or the ordinary man in the street.

Let’s give it to Ken; he is, either by default or deliberate design, the most vociferous and ironically the most dominant man on the political landscape.

There is no denying the fact that the man has hijacked our political system, and is slowly, but surely, sucking the oxygen out of it. No one seems capable of stopping him, not even his own party, the NPP who he has insulted and bullied into submission.

Sadly, the NPP party hierarchy and rank and file members quake in their boots when Mr. Agyepong goes on one of his deranged rants. Truth be told, Mr. Agyepong has the party by the neck.

Similarly, the main opposition party, the NDC, appears mightily amused by his antics and has wisely elected not to engage him, to stay far away from him as possible. Undeterred and determined to foment trouble, Mr. Agyepong always looks for opportunities to assail the NDC.

Last week, an opportunity was handed to him on a silver platter by Mr. Suhuyini, a lawmaker from Tamale, who regrettably dabbled in tribal politics with his inexplicable suggestion that all northerners should vote for the ex-President, Mr. John Mahama in 2020 because southerners voted in disproportionately large numbers in 2016 for Nana Akuffo Addo.

Mr. Suhuyini was wrong on all levels to venture in that direction. Tribal politics is dangerous and anathema to national unity. It is a relic from a bygone era and Mr. Suhuyini should never have broached the subject under any circumstances. Northerners do not speak with one voice. They are a diverse group of Ghanaians with diverse political leanings.

He inadvertently played into the hands of his detractors, the most prominent being Mr. Agyepong who railed uncontrollably against northern politicians on a radio show.

He called them all the names under the sun, and even had the audacity to make a grossly inaccurate statement that rich northerners and northern politicians abandon the north and take up shelter in Accra. This is a popular refrain in the south. And it is just as ridiculous as it is silly.

Apparently, the concepts of freedom of movement and association are lost on Mr. Agyepong. Let me state emphatically that northern politicians are free to live wherever they choose and can afford.  Ghanaians gravitate towards Accra for a variety of reasons.

It is the seat of government, besides being the political, financial and business capital.  It serves a lot of purposes and that in itself explains why everybody and their mother make it a point to settle there.

Mr. Agyepong is irrational, simple minded and completely out of whack to even suggest that northern politicians and northerners who strike it rich should stay put in the north. It smacks of abject jingoism and pettiness.

The Assin Foso lawmaker has become too big in his shoes and his enablers are those who elect him time and time again to represent them in Accra. It is about time they took a second, long, hard look at their legislator. He has morphed into a huge liability.











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