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Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, Ghana’s High Priest of Propaganda

Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, Ghana’s high priest of propaganda who also doubles as the Information minister just cannot stop fibbing, that is, lying through his teeth. He continuously throw dust into the eyes of Ghanaians on issues of immense national importance, without giving it a second thought.

Mr. Oppong who was once a respected radio head and a good journalist, has sold his soul to the devil; in the not-too-distant past, he was an honest broker, hard-hitting and a no-holds bar interviewer. Now, he enjoys peddling falsehoods on behalf of his paymasters.

He consistently and unfailingly fronts for the NPP, telling tall tales and embellishing others with the implicit purpose of ingratiating the administration with an increasingly suspicious Ghanaian public.

So, there he was on Tuesday morning doing what he does best; selling Ghanaians a bunch of bull, falsehoods on the negotiations that went on between the NPP administration and the United States on the Power Distribution Service agreement.

Ghanaians are very much in the know about the PDS and all the financial shenanigans that went down with it. They have realized to their utter consternation that once again, a select group of avaricious public officials conspired and connived to blatantly fleece the nation.

The corruption in the PDS scandal was breathtaking. Those who had been tasked with finding answers to Ghana’s energy problems, decided instead to pad their bank accounts, leaving Ghanaians to hold the bag.

Yet Mr. Oppong wants Ghanaians to believe that the NPP administration got the best of the United States when it flatly rejected the PDS concession agreement in Washington D.C. earlier last week.

His rationale, explanation? “The government wants to protect Ghana’s assets by stopping corruption,” he said with a straight face.  How is this explanation tenable, acceptable even when the government was complicit in the fleecing of its own citizens?

Let’s confront the facts as we see them. Yes, the Electricity Corporation of Ghana was a cesspool of corruption and inefficiency and everything ought to have been done by the appropriate authority — in this instance the Ghanaian government — to clean up the mess at the ECG.

The NPP decided it will be in the national interest to semi privatize the ECG. But along the way, it committed unforgiveable blunders; put simply, it failed woefully to do due diligence.

By the look of it, the PDS was highly suspicious and was by all accounts a poor backup for the ECG.

All told, it was an elaborate scheme designed at the highest echelons of the NPP administration to steal Ghana’s hard-earned foreign exchange. It is pertinent to note that the PDS scandal belies the rot that has eaten into the fabric of the NPP administration.

Like all the other scandals before it, the PDS would haunt the NPP until next year’s elections when Ghanaians will decide the party’s fate.

Meanwhile, they are waiting with bated breath to see if Nana Akuffo Addo will have the backbone to recommend the arrest and prosecution of those in his party who used the PDS to line up their pockets.


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