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Mr. Martin Amidu Shirks His Responsibility; Refuses To Probe The PDS Corruption Scandal.

Martin Amidu, the super controversial and perennial hyperventilating Special Prosecutor wants to eat his cake and have it, too.

Asked if he would launch an investigation into the latest financial scandal— the PDS — to hit the NPP, as a part of his efforts to stamp out corruption in the body politic, Mr. “Clean” said it wasn’t part of his authority to probe the scandal.

Mr. Amidu’s response was not only outrageous and confounding, it was also dubious and misleading. The case falls within his jurisdiction. Who else is better qualified to handle this case besides Mr. Amidu, with all the expertise, knowledge and wherewithal?

Granted the scandal has just been recently unearthed and the expectation is that eventually, it would be referred to the appropriate government agency for investigation, Ghanaians assume that agency will the office of the special prosecutor that Mr. Amidu occupies.

It is therefore mindboggling that Mr. Amidu would advance a response that portrays him as dodging a responsibility that is solely his and which he should approach with all the seriousness it deserves.

As a someone who prides himself on being the country’s foremost corruption fighter, Mr. Amidu should have demanded that the PDS case be handed over to him without delay. This is what Ghanaians expect of the Special Prosecutor, especially from someone who frequently claims the high moral ground when it comes to incorruptibility.

The PDS scandal has shocked and stunned Ghanaians who are growing increasingly impatient with their political leaders. This is about the 10th case of financial malfeasance to hit the NPP administration and the public wants someone to be prosecuted, to be held accountable for stealing from the public coffers. At least for once.

Fighting corruption entails more than choosing a select few cases that pit the Special Prosecutor against old political enemies. Mr. Amidu should take on cases that merit prosecution and involves the party currently in power as well.

Prosecuting and winning those cases will undoubtedly accord him the credibility and respect that have eluded him since he was appointed the special prosecutor. Right now, Ghanaians have less faith in him. He has been a huge disappointment to the millions who thought he was going to clean house and restore sanity into the system.

Of course, Mr. Amidu did make the right noises about the Charles Bissue’s case, but that was all he could muster. There has been deafening silence at his end.

His tepid response that it is outside his jurisdiction to prosecute those involved in the PDS case is not a confidence builder. Mr. Amidu has nothing to show in terms of successful prosecution of corruption cases. His appointment may end up being a gigantic failure and a complete waste of taxpayer’s money.


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