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“My Opponents Are Dumb And Deaf.” Rhetoric Heats Up As President Responds To Critics

There is never a dull moment in our national political discourse; day in and day out, we witness absurd bombastic utterances and prolonged vituperations from the two major political parties with the ruling NPP firing off salvos at its premier political foe, the NDC and the latter responding in kind.

Come to think of it, the two behemoths are engaged in nothing but political grandstanding of the highest order; needless partisan bleating, that is all it is.

In the midst of all this nauseating posturing, one thing is not lost on Ghanaians, and that is the fact that the two political giants will stop at nothing to achieve their ultimate goal of political dominance and control of the levers of power.

Meanwhile, the smaller political parties have, as if by design, been relegated to the background and in the process thrust into a position where they are incapable of contributing substantially to the national debate on policy.

As the smaller parties become increasingly irrelevant and morphing daily into by-standers and fringe players in the political ecosystem, their supporters are disenfranchised and deemed unworthy of solicitation for their votes by the bigger parties.

2020 is but a dozen months away and already the campaign for Jubilee House has begun in earnest. Coming out of a successful delegates’ conference a week ago, the NDC is itching to go, to have another shot at wresting the mantle of political leadership of the nation from the NPP.

Leading NDC members are spouting needless rhetoric and taking verbal shots at the sitting President, calling him all the ugly names you can imagine and daring him to take them on.  They argue he did the same to them when he was languishing in opposition.

The President, who until this current barrage of insults had little use for his opponents — remember two weeks ago, Mr. Addo he said he won’t answer the taunts of NDC aspirants, only presidential candidates —- suddenly finds it necessary to respond. He has called his opponents ignorant and insanely jealous of his achievements.

“The things my opponents say sometimes make wonder if they are blind or deaf. They always rain insults on me for doing nothing,” the President complained last week in the Volta region.

Clearly, Mr. Addo has inexplicably taken the bait his opponents dangled and the stage is now set for fireworks leading to the 2020 elections.

I thought he was going to rise above the fray and be presidential and let his political enemies shout themselves hoarse. But sadly, Mr. Addo has allowed partisan colors to take precedent over basic presidential decorum. Some say he is just being his normal neurotic self-centered self.

For a politician with such a rich background and enviable pedigree, it is astonishing that he would stoop low by electing to engage his opponents in a war of words; perhaps Mr. Addo is yet to realize that politics as the saying goes, is a very brutal, unforgiving and absolutely dirty game.


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