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Occupy Ghana’s Rank Hypocrisy

The loud noise you just heard is coming from that increasingly irrelevant pressure group Occupy Ghana which promised on Tuesday to haul the government to court if it fails to respond to its petition calling for an investigation into allegations of smuggling and illegal dealings at the Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company Limited (BOST).

Occupy Ghana, through one of its founders, Mr. Ace Ankomah, claims it filed the petition months ago but was being compelled to seek legal redress because the ruling NPP has been strangely quiet about the massive corruption at BOST.

Who does Occupy Ghana think it is kidding or fooling? Ghanaians know all too well where Occupy Ghana’s bread is buttered in our political system, whose side it is on.

Its threats to take the government to court are nothing more than political posturing and a belated attempt to give the appearance of living up to its responsibilities as a pressure group.

Of course, what did Occupy Ghana expect its political benefactor to do? To come out with its guns blazing against its own corrupt officials? That will never happen.  Since its inception, how many times has the government chosen to look the other way when corruption scandals reared their ugly heads?

And amid all the scandals, too many to list here, how many times did Occupy Ghana come out to condemn the government for allowing or looking on as its officials diverted or stole public funds?

Occupy Ghana is an NPP enabler; it showed its partisan colors during the Mahama administration when abusing and disrespecting the former president was the order of the day.

Occupy Ghana hammered the former President relentlessly on almost every issue. Its modus operandi at that time was to organize demonstrations to inflict as much damage on the NDC as possible in order to render it unpalatable to voters, and it largely succeeded.

I remember going toe to toe with Ace Anakomah on his Facebook page about his incessant bashing of Mr. Mahama. Eventually, he felt I had become a nuisance and he pulled a fast one on me, blocked me on his page. How so unprofessional!!! He was such a coward, so afraid to engage me in a healthy exchange of ideas.

Occupy Ghana is calculating, sinister and devious; it chooses its fights with the NPP very carefully; it does not want to upset the hand that feeds it. It craves approval from Jubilee House; it does not want to see its political agenda derailed by criticizing the party in power. In short, Occupy Ghana wants to remain relevant as a civil society organization.

But let’s be clear eyed here; OG does not have the interests of Ghanaians at heart. If it did, why has it remained embarrassingly quiet as Ghanaians struggle to make ends meet? Why does it look the other way as the government pursues harmful, crippling and detrimental economic policies?

Ghanaians are not pushovers as I have repeated said in my radio commentaries; they sure know a hypocrite when they see one. And Occupy Ghana is a big hypocrite.


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