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President Akuffo Addo Pulls A Fast One On Ghanaians About The Ameri Deal

LIKE many other Ghanaians, I don’t know what to make of the current NPP administration anymore.

Is it keen on providing the services it promised Ghanaians during the 2016 election campaign? Or is it just obsessed with maintaining its new found power and influence? You go figure. Since its inception, the administration has been plagued by scandals, from the BOST fuel contamination to the cash for seats financial greed.

In fact, with each passing day, the administration inadvertently provides fodder for its enemies and assorted critics to pounce on and tear it into shreds. And compounding matters further is the fact that the President, Nana Akuffo Addo, is failing to provide much needed leadership.

There have been times when you thought the President was on top of things, was in control of his own administration and therefore was aware of every important transaction that was taking place.

Unfortunately, that has not been the case as we have seen with the Ameri Deal. The President claims he was completely in the dark about intimate details of the deal. He told Ghanaians he had been misled by his minister of energy who was axed on Monday.

But should we believe what the President is telling us? That he has been misled by his subordinate? He told us the same thing when the cash for seats episode allegedly occurred.  And when the Nyantakyi bribery video was released, the president once again mounted the same old, tired defense.

It is difficult to imagine a President not knowing what his or her subordinates are doing. Presidents are more or less tin gods and to feed them wrong information particularly on important issues with huge implications for the country and its citizens is to invite trouble. Presidents are not easily played, taken advantage of.

This is why I strongly suspect that Ghanaians are being taken for a ride. The president’s explanation just does not wash.

Anyway, if the President does not come clean on the Ameri deal and continues to insist that he was played, that is misled by an enterprising state minister, then it amounts to a serious indictment of his ability to rule a country of thirty million inhabitants.

Given all the shenanigans, the high stakes drama in the NPP administration, it is safe to assume that at best, it is adrift and clueless.  At worse, it is groping in the dark to find the right formula to govern the country. All told, the government is totally confused.

And, Nana and his government should take note of this development: recent events are not inspiring public confidence in the NPP administration. Perceptions of corruption by his government are widespread. Ghanaians are growing wary of politicians, particularly tired of those in the ruling party and it is reflected in the sliding political fortunes of the NPP and the growing disillusionment with Nana and his hence-men.





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