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Professor Stephen Adei Claims President’s Policies Are The Best For Ghana. Oh Yeah?

“The policies of Akuffo Addo are the best policies for Ghana but its implementation has been quite difficult.”

The preceding quote belongs to no other person than Professor Stephen Adei, President of the National Development Commission, who it may be recalled, was a thorn in the flesh of former President John Mahama.

I don’t know what took the good professor this long to realize that the policies of the man he enthusiastically and fervently praised three years ago aren’t panning out.

The policies of Nana Akuffo Addo, truth be told, have over time, proved incapable of solving the nation’s hydra-headed economic problems. I wonder what planet the professor is on. How come he is oblivious to the hardships that have blanketed the country?

Ghanaians, with the exception of the rich and politically connected, are grappling with severe economic and financial difficulties. In fact, they are being suffocated daily under the harsh conditions created by the short-sighted and grossly inept administration he supports.

Afraid that President Akuffo Addo’s men would come for his scalp and to give the appearance that he is not undercutting his boss, Professor Adei shamelessly assigned a reason for the difficulties Mr. Addo is having implementing his policies —- resource constraint, lack of money, which he blamed on former President John Mahama.

Good old Professor Adei, as is expected of all the President’s sycophants, accused John of borrowing excessively and subsequently creating mountains of debt — for his successor, little wonder therefore that Addo is having such a hard time seeing his policies through.

What a lame excuse if there ever was one. It is not the lack of money that is preventing the current government from seeing its numerous policies implemented. Rather, it is a profound lack of foresight and expertise. After all, the NPP administration has borrowed as much as the Mahama government did.

There is no daylight between the two administrations when it comes to borrowing from the International Capital Markets.  One secret about governance is that you don’t enact policies that you know full well won’t see the light of day unless of course your original intent was to throw dust into the eyes of unsuspecting voters.

And that is precisely what the NPP did. It bamboozled Ghanaians with grandiose promises and now that the time has come to deliver, it is conspicuously missing in action.

When it is all said and done, I am pleased beyond description to finally hear criticism of the NPP from the likes of Professor Adei. I never thought the day will come when those who relentlessly and vociferously chastised Mahama will suddenly turn their guns on NANA. Amazing isn’t?

The hope here is that other Mahama critics like Ace Ankoma and Occupy Ghana, Reverend Martey, Reverend Mensa Otabil and the Peace Council will find their voices, crawl out of the holes they are hiding in and say something. Ghanaians are hurting.




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