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Questions For President Akuffo Addo

I am still fuming with anger and justifiably so; as more videos of last week’s violence against the NDC by NPP inspired hooligans continue to surface, you can’t help but get miffed, frustrated and ready to ask President Nana Akuffo Addo a boatload of questions.

So here we go: Why has political violence surged during your time in office? And why don’t you make sure perpetrators of political violence get punished and thrown into jail to rot?

Maybe your hands are tied, Mr. President.  Do you owe allegiance to powerful groups within your political party such that you would put their interests above that of the country? Or Mr. President, you just don’t give a damn, as many have said? There are no easy answers, you would respond, of course.

Anyway, Mr. Addo, against the backdrop of last week’s political violence and other episodes of dastardly crimes committed across the country, Ghanaians expected you to show leadership which simply meant, they really wanted you to talk directly to them, in essence, to give a national address, to heal wounds and soothe the anger that had percolated.

You could, at least, have invited members of the opposition to come over to Jubilee House for an honest and heartfelt conversation about what happened in Ayawaso and about political violence in general; but you failed miserably to do that.

Ghanaians woke up Tuesday morning to learn that you were jetting off to the United States, Ethiopia and South Africa. Naturally, their reaction was one of anger and a feeling of intense betrayal. How can you be so callous, so indifferent to their plight, and abandon them in their hour of need?

Couldn’t you have rescheduled your overseas trip for another time; your American, South African and Ethiopian hosts would perfectly understand your predicament. Domestic political upheaval is no joke. No political leader in the world wants that on their watch.

I am hoping that political instability is not what you crave, Mr. President. It will cripple you, and the nation by extension. You sure don’t want to be the one historians down the road would write was responsible for pushing Ghana into a civil conflict.  You don’t want that on your historical record, do you Mr. Addo?

Your legacy will be stained forever and our nation will pay a heavy price; recovery will be an uphill task and it will take future generations of Ghanaians eons, countless years, to rebuild what previous generations of Ghanaians had struggled mightily to build.

Mr. President, while you are on your overseas trip, remember, Ghanaians will be anxiously waiting to see what you are gonna do on your return home; would you deal severely with the perpetrators of the Ayawaso political violence as you promised and fire their boss, the talkertive, National Security Minister, Byran Acheampong or you would choose to look the other way, like you did on many occasions when your darling boys, the Invincible Forces, broke our laws and got only a slap on the wrist.

Nana Addo, the future of this nation rides on the decisions you will take going forward concerning the violence in Ayawaso. Don’t allow partisan considerations to cloud your good judgement, Mr. President.

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