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The case of the double dipping NDC legislators.

Tell me I am not hallucinating, and that the reported financial scandal –accusations of double-dipping, taking two salaries — swirling around a cluster of NDC heavy hitters, is a cruel and twisted political spoof.

But a laughing matter the scandal obviously isn’t; it now has legs and the special prosecutor, Mr. Martin Amidu is licking his chops and waiting in the wings, scapel ready and itching to pounce on the huge NDC political edifice, and finally stick the dagger in his perceived NDC “tormentors.”

Once powerful NDC politicos are now quaking in their boots. Won’t you, were you caught in the crosshairs of a zealous and supervindictive special prosecutor hellbent on settling old scores and slicing his pound of political flesh? The very thought of spending a stifling hot night in a dilapidated cell frightens even the most hardened among the accused bunch.

Let me inject a disclaimer here before I proceed further: one of the alleged double dippers is a good friend, so for privacy purposes, I will keep his identity under wraps. Don’t read this as a defense of my pal or an attempt to sanitize him or the other accused individuals. Far from it.

If the accusations against them are prosecutable, and if they are ultimately found guilty in a court of law on charges of pilfering state funds, then they deserve whatever is thrown at them.

But one thing gnaws at me. How could this reported theft of public monies occur under the noses of government bean counters at the accountant general’s office and not raise red flags until well after a new administration is safely ensconced in office.

Don’t tell me those public servants now discovering the theft were so scared of former president Mahama that they couldn’t expose the rot? They were not in the least intimidated by Mr. Mahama. Witness the streams of insults, disrespect and daily demonstrations directed at Mahama during his tenure.

Come to think of it more broadly, the accusations in my estimation reek of pure, underhanded politics, political payback time.  It is ugly.

And between the back and forth, the fingerpointing and vigorous denials, one thing stands out bright and clear; the NPP is doing all it can to tar the NDC as hopelessly corrupt and not deserving of political power.

Short of saying that the NPP is power drunk, this much is true; the sudden emergence of these accusations is a careful and deliberate orchestrated political move by the ruling party to kill off its arch/prominent enemy and banish it to political purgatory for years.

We are all acutely aware, however, painful, that corruption is a disease that has eaten deeply into the fabric of our society and poses a threat to the poor, weak and vulnerable among us..

Tragically, corruption afflicts both sides of the political aisle. It has a stranglehold on our politicians. Every one of our political representatives is tainted and corrupt to the core. So, let me just add this zinger: our parliament is a cauldron of rot and greed. That much no one can dispute.

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