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Time To Ditch Two Major Political Parties For A Benevolent Dictator

In the last three decades the two major political parties, the NPP and the NDC have dominated modern contemporary Ghanaian politics.

In fact, they have ridden the trust and goodwill reposed in them by Ghanaian voters to become incredibly powerful, rich and overbearing.

Without mincing words, the NDC and the NPP are the political overlords of Ghana, ubiquitous, and omnipresent. They are everywhere you go in the country, in the nooks and crannies of urban and rural areas. They, without any iota of doubt, dominate our lives.

Our very existence is contingent on what these parties decide when they are in power. They control our healthcare, education, employment, and many other issues that affect our lives.

Ultimately, policies they pursue either accelerate our economic progress and propel our country’s development or worsen our already deplorable state of unrelenting poverty and high unemployment.

On the campaign trail during election cycles over the years, the NDC and the NPP promised to fundamentally change our fortunes and in the process bring prosperity and financial security to all.

But the many promises made have not materialized, not seen the light of day; they are essentially illusions.Things have remained stagnant, the status quo vastly unchanged and our financial and economic lot hasn’t improved one bit.

Some have suggested that the time is ripe for an independent president with no political party affiliations to steer the affairs of the country, someone who will be an anti-dote to the power and influence of the NDC and the NPP.

Proponents of this idea think there is a dissonance between the two political giants and the Ghanaian public. They also strongly adhere to the belief that the only way to save Ghana from the intransigence and corrupt ways of the parties who indeed have had their time in the sun, is to go the way of the benevolent dictator.

I enthusiastically share the sentiments of those who think the NDC and the NPP have misled and deceived Ghanaians for so long.

But, I wonder as do so many others that effectively reducing the power of the NDC and the NPP will not a walk in the park; in fact, it will be an uphill task given their clout, wealth, resources and ability to spread their wings where others would have immense difficulties doing so.

What is more, are Ghanaians who are so used to the current political establishment and familiar with the actors ready to switch their allegiances to an unknown quantity?

Would that individual have vast, unlimited resources and deep pockets to match the NDC and the NPP boot for boot in the race to win the hearts and minds of millions of deeply skeptical voting age Ghanaians?

It will be a tall order for anyone with the desire to change the political calculus. Unfortunately, we will remain stuck with these two political giants so long as Ghanaians refuse to venture outside the box.

Ghanaians are sick and tired of the NPP/NDC duopoly, that is, the dominance of our political landscape and system by the two parties.

They have no credibility left; they have no more political capital. Ghanaians desperately want a makeover of the entire system, a change that will be inherently good for all Ghanaians.

It is time to ditch the two political parties, time to sideline them for their incompetency, mendacity and inability to deliver on their pie-in-sky promises.

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