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Vigilante Group Rears Its Ugly Head With The Dramatic Removal Of The CEO Of TTH

During his inaugural address in Accra last year, President Nana Akuffo Addo went to great lengths to assure Ghanaians that he would do everything within his constitutionally guaranteed authority to curtail the power of political vigilante groups associated with his ruling party, the NPP.

However, the activities of these groups since Mr. Addo’s inauguration, have left Ghanaians scared and frightened and wondering if the President actually meant what he said. Not only have these vigilante groups intimidated innocent Ghanaians, private citizens and public officials alike, they have also arbitrarily shut down government agencies and offices, effectively bringing them to a grinding halt.

One such vigilante group, the Kandahar Boys of Tamale, reportedly marched to the Tamale Teaching Hospital on Monday morning and forcefully removed the Chief Executive Officer of the facility on the baseless grounds that he was incompetent, corrupt and had treated workers shabbily.

The blatant removal of Dr. David Kolbila, not unexpected, generated a wave of scathing condemnation and compelled the Kandahar Boys to vehemently denied having a hand in the ouster of the TTH boss. I buy that denial with a huge grain of salt. Denial or not, the alleged behavior of the Kandahar Boys or whoever the boys claimed impersonated them was despicable and abhorrent. It was patently uncivilized and a gross violation of fundamental regulations.

One poignant point: Dr. Kolbila’s dismissal or retention should be the exclusive preserve of Ghanaian officials and should not be left to the whims and caprices of a politically affiliated vigilante group of misguided young men.

Unfortunately, things are the way there are because the government has failed miserably to bring this group and others of their ilk to order.

Evidently, the groups are emboldened by the paralysis that has gripped Ghanaian authorities. Consequently, they go on rampages and continue to embarrass government with their lawlessness.

In fact, rather than calling them political vigilante groups, why don’t we pin a more appropriate label on them —– the untouchable vigilante groups?

Yes, I know; the northern regional minister reinstated Dr. Kolbila on Tuesday and mouthed all the platitudes a politician would especially when his party has been cast in such poor light by this ungodly act.

Amid yesterday’s political grandstanding, it is important to note that those responsible for the shameful drama that unfolded Monday morning at the Tamale Teaching Hospital are still on the run; they are not yet in the grips of police authorities.

Ghanaians live in constant fear of these vigilante groups. And, the finger of blame should be pointed squarely at the two major political parties whose insatiable appetite for political power gave rise to these hardcore criminals masquerading as political groups.

Be that as it may, these vigilante groups are a threat to our system of government and to the welfare of our society as a whole.  If authorities continue to ignore their illegal acts, there will ultimately be a breakdown in law and order. By then, it will just be too late to turn back the tide of mayhem. Chaos will have permeated every corner of our society.







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