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Assemblies in the northern region sign performance agreement contract with coordinating directors



All the twenty six (26) metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies (MMDAs) in the northern region have signed a performance contract agreement with their coordinating directors at the Northern Regional Coordinating Council.

The agreement will enable local authorities assess officers performance at the various assemblies. The contract focuses on six key  priority areas.

They include performance reporting, implementation of action plans, human resources management, and the capacity development of staff and the working environment at the various assemblies in the region.

Metropolitan, municipal and district chief executives (MMDCEs) signed the contract on behalf of their respective assemblies under the watch of  the coordinating director and the political head.

The contracts will be used as yardsticks to measure the effect public officers make in a year and whether they have been able to achieve their targets.

The performance contract will also enable public officers identify challenges as well as build their competencies in areas they were not able to deliver to the expectation of the citizenry.

Northern regional coordinating director, Alhaji Alhasasn Issahaku who explained the rationale behind the contract told Zaa News said that the contract will enable RCC to monitor and coordinate the activities of the various assemblies properly.

Alhaji Issahaku said the coordinating council will continue to play its monitory and coordinating role and report accordingly.

Ten assemblies in the region according to the coordinating director performed well in the 2015 Functional Organizational Tool (FOAT) which is used to examine how the assemblies are carrying out their activities.

The Northern regional minister, Abdallah Abubakar underscored the importance of public officers to be more accountable to the people in whose interest they have entrusted with the state resources.

Mr Abdallah told the MMDCEs not to see the performance contract agreement as something to impress the regional coordinating director or the regional minister but to impress the ordinary people in their communities.

The northern regional minister reminded the DCEs that the best supervisor at their work place is their conscience and not the police or the appointing authority. He said what matters most in the implementation of the contracts are the attitudes of those charged with discharging the terms of the contracts.

The MMDCEs dean and DCE for Nanumba south, Alhaji Seidu Amidu said the contract will instill some form of discipline particularly in managing finances. He also pledged on behalf of his colleagues to ensure that the economic condition of the people are improved.

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