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Pay attention to the tourism sector-European journalists appeal to Ghana gov’t


A European journalists’ network has made a passionate appeal to policy makers in Ghana to pay special attention to the tourism sector to boost its economic fortunes. Journalists from the network, who arrived in Ghana on a different mission could not understand why Ghana’s government is not harnessing the tourism potential in the country, especially that of the northern region.

The group who are from Germany and Switzerland, visited an engineering landfill site in Accra, interacted with market women and residents in Kumasi and visited the Mole National Park at Damongo in the West Gonja district of the Northern region.

The journalists, comprising freelance science journalists, photo and video journalists, as well as film makers, who were in Ghana to research into health, cocoa production, sanitation and tourism, praised Ghanaians for their hospitality and religious tolerance among Christians and Muslims.

A freelance health journalist in the group, Christiane Meister, who had done some research work on breast cancer regretted that breast cancer cases are on the ascendency and advised that infrastructure should be put in place to help the women.

“I visited the Peace and Love hospital in Kumasi and I met patients who came there too late; I felt sorry for them especially the young ladies,” Christiane told Zaa News.

She recognized that it remains a challenge to Ghana because government has to tackle so many areas but cancer needs to be given attention. According to the journalists, Ghanaians are a very good and friendly people who like to live with anyone regardless of their religion unlike some other countries where this behaviour is unusual.

The Swiss journalist was quite impressed with the way Ghanaians practise their democracy and added that it is different from some of the neighbouring countries he had visited. Another journalist, print and radio journalist, Olivia, said the people of Ghana are really open minded and explained that Ghana is specific and unique when it comes to democracy.

However, another journalist in the group, Andreas Strater stressed that Ghana needs to review its visa process in order to allow more tourists from Europe. He told Zaa News that he got his visa a day to their departure which was frustrating and that could deter other tourists with interest in Ghana from visiting.image

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