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Punish merchants extorting monies from us-MTN customers appeal



Some customers of mobile-telecommunication giant, MTN in the northern regional capital -Tamale have expressed their disgust and anger about the way and manner some merchants have taken them for granted.

They are not happy that merchants charge for mobile transactions when they are not suppose to and are therefore urging the company to institute disciplinary measures against recalcitrant merchants who extort money from clients.

According to the customers, some merchants have refused to adhere to the directives that no pesewas should be taken at the point of sending money through mobile money system to their business partners and love ones.

Some merchants, the customers complained took as much as between two  and one cedis. But an area sales manager described it as unfortunate and said such practice was illegal and merchants engaging in it will have their SIM cards blocked.

The customers were sharing their bitter experiences at Jessonayili during the opening ceremony of a one day MTN sponsored skill training for some selected youth within the Tamale metropolis and the Sagnarigu municipality

The officials entreated customers to simply take the merchant’s transaction number and make it available to MTN office for immediate action.

“Under no circumstances should a merchant takes pesewas from clients and those engaging it will be penalized,” Mr. Osei Kwame, an MTN official warned.

He encouraged them to remain loyal to the telecom giant as it takes steps towards a cashless system, especially designed for businessmen.

On the network problems, customers could not understand why the MTN slog is everywhere you go and yet within the Tamale metropolis some areas still encounter network problems on a daily basis.

Areas such as Fou, SSNIT flat, Choggu Yapalisi among others have been experiencing calls and data inaccessibility for some time now.

Responding to the customers concerns, the technical team assured that efforts are underway to improve on the system.

The team attributed the difficulties to the growing population which has put a lot pressure on the system. A new mast according to the technicians has been put up at Fou to improve network in the area and beyond.

Within Tamale metropolis alone, a technician said has about 80 telecom masts which come with huge cost to the company. The technical team said it was trying to set up another mast to cater for areas with network problems.

Additional mast the team explains is capital intensive but it assured customers that because of exigencies the top management may consider it to better service. Fou area has new mast to cater for new settlements.

In the northern region alone, additional 60 new masts were added to existing thousand already in operation.



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