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Albinos rebut claims they don’t use the bathroom on Fridays


The National Director of the Ghana Association of Persons with Albinism (GAPA), Mr Newton Kombla Katseku has discounted the negative attributes of albinos, describing them as myths and imaginations of individuals.

Mr Katseku explained that his colleagues across Ghana have heard all the negative connotations some of which include Albinos don’t go to toilet on Fridays, they don’t die and people using them as rituals among others.

These attributes, he explained, are born out of some people’s diabolic agenda against albinos under the pretext of certain cultural beliefs.

Unlike some African countries where albinos seem to be an endangered species, in Ghana, the rights of albinos are respected in spite of attempts by some people to ostracize them.

Speaking to Zaa News at the international albinism awareness day organised by Engage Now Africa (ENA), on the challenges confronting albinos in Ghana, Mr Katseku lamented about the misconception society has about albinos in the country.

Mr Katseku admitted that some communities in the Northern, Eastern and Upper West and Brong Ahafo regions are no go areas for albinos because of social prejudices.

The albino’s national director hinted that their association is collating a national data to track its members who in one way or the other face existential threats.

According to him, the only difference between Albinos and others with dark skin is that, albinos lack skin pigment which makes them susceptible to sunburn and skin cancer.


The PWA appealed to the government to put in place structures that will not obstruct them in the educational system in the country.

 GAPA members said they face a lot difficulties and special attention is required for those especially in schools so they are not denied their right to education.

Speaking to Zaa News on the challenges confronting Albinos, National President of Albinos, Mr. Abdul Wahid Ishaq made a passionate appeal to teachers to pay special attention to albinos in their classes during lessons hours.

 According to him, albinos because of their skin condition have a hard time with sight unlike their dark skinned colleagues. 

He explained that if teachers’ pay attention to albinos in their classes and albinos still cannot get on board then it points to different challenges rather than teachers assuming that all is well with albinos them.

 The albinos, he added, are not demanding much from the government but rather want the government to emphasize that they are not completely visually impaired.  

Mr Wahid who is a professional teacher told Zaa News it was not easy for him before he became a teacher. Most albinos the president said have abandoned school due to stigmatization. 

 On access to healthcare in the country, the Albinos president revealed that most Albinos are objects of ridicule both at home, schools and the society as a whole. 

GAPA president pleaded with parents of albinos not to expose their children to the sun light which causes skin cancer.

The Regional Coordinator of Engage Now Africa (ENA), an international nongovernmental organization headquarters in the U.S., Ms.Sylvia Ansah described albinos as great resources and forceful who need to be provided any help they seek.

Ghana, Ms Sylvia said, has an estimated albino population of over 2000 facing several challenges which need serious attention.

The albinos, she added, should not in any way be stigmatized in schools, work and public places because of their color.


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