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Soya-bean Farmers Receive Funding



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The Chamba Community Co-operative Credit Union (CCCU) has disbursed GH?136,350 to Soya Bean Cooperative Farmers at Chamba in the Nanumba North district of the Northern Region.

This is to help facilitate soya bean production, which is high in nutrition and will improve upon their livelihoods. The Union last year disbursed GH?84,850 to eight farming groups — each made up of 30 members – with a 20 percent interest rate to be paid within nine months.

GHc36, 900 was also distributed earlier this year to five other farmer groups in the Salaga District, and lately GH?4,500 has been disbursed to another group.

The Union received support from Send-Ghana, a non- governmental organization, through its Food Security through.






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