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Wholesale dealers in Rush Energy drink blame bad publicity on competitors


imageWholesale dealers of Rush Energy drink in the Tamale metropolis say they are not happy about rumours that the drink poses a threat to consumers. The rumours, which have been going round for some time now, have reportedly put fear in many consumers.

The widespread perception about the Rush Energy drink is that it contains poisonous chemicals that could cause stomach upsets. As a direct consequence, sales have been drastically impacted, the wholesalers lamented and pointed out that since the rumours began making the rounds, customers have stopped patronizing their stores.

They described the rumours as false and accused their competitors of applying what they called a “pull factor” in the marketing world. In an interview with Zaa News, a depot manager of the Rush Energy drinks in Tamale, Ibrahim Iddris, expressed his displeasure about the incredible stunt pulled by his competitors, adding that there is no official document to validate the rumour. Mr.Idris therefore urged consumers not to panic.

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