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Association of teacher trainees calls for placement onto payroll after posting



The Association of Teacher Trainees in Colleges of the northern Sector (ATTRICONS) has called on government and the ministry of education to take a second look into the issue of placing newly trained teachers into the payroll when they are posted.

According to them, the northern sector teacher trainees face a problem of posting, and are therefore demanding answers from the government if they will be posted after completion.

The trainees are also anxious to know from government and the Ghana Education Service they will be adequately equipped and resourced to enable them work as mandated.

They made the call at the opening ceremony of the 22nd congress and official launch of the association’s 22nd anniversary in Tamale. The trainees are demanding that posting of the newly trained teacher trainees be given a broader consideration to ensure that they are posted and resourced for them to be able to stay put in the teaching profession.

Government, and for that matter, the GES should put in place a package for newly trained teachers as they do not have allowances and will not be put on the payroll immediately.

Speaking to the media the President of the Association, Mr Ndewin Asaan Jonathan stated that the northern teacher trainees recommended that, government should pay the feeding fees before they resume school, as it is a commitment of the government to feed them and not the colleges.

He also called on other related associations such as GNAT, NAGRAT, CCT to play their usual roles to ensure that newly trained teachers are posted.

The President then advised teacher trainees to be up-and-doing in all aspects to develop themselves for the teaching profession.

He therefore urged government to look deeply into the issue at hand, widen the scope of consultation, check the formulation of a national educational policy with strict legislature support so as to help pre-empt the twisting of educational policies by individuals to suit their political whims and caprices.

The event was on the theme; The fate of the Teacher Trainee in the current Trend of Teacher Education.

It was attended by representatives from the eight colleges of education in the northern region namely; The Tamale college of education, Bagabaga college of education, Tumu college of education, Gbewaa college of education, Gambaga college of education, St. John Bosco college of education, Jarhan college of education and EP college of education.

Addressing trainees at the ceremony, the northern regional NAGRAT president, Mr Mohammed Sani said working conditions for teachers in Ghana are not good enough, despite all their efforts, and therefore implored young upcoming trainees to put in their best and fight collectively for their rights.

According to him, the better working conditions of teachers are not negotiable, hence the need for them to act accordingly.

By Lilian D. Walter/

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