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Bank of Ghana governor urges parents to invest in their children education



The Governor of Bank of Ghana, Dr Abdul- Nashiru Issahaku has charged parents and guardians in the Northern Region to invest in their children’s education.

Dr Nashiru said investing in education is not only for the benefit of individuals or the immediate family, but for the benefit of society and the country at large.

The Bank of Ghana governor was speaking at the graduation ceremony of Anbariya Islamic Institute in Tamale on the topic, investing in children’s education.

Dr Abdul- Nashiru also eulogized the late Shiek Yussif Ajura for his wisdom and vision in establishing Anbariya institute which has produced Islamic scholars, professors, Doctors who are serving Ghana and beyond in various capacities.

Citing himself as an example, Dr Abdul- Nashiru, reminded parents that he is in his current position because of his parents investment and urged parents to constantly visit teachers and their children at schools.

This, he noted, would encourage both teachers and the children to pursue higher target. Education Dr Abdul- Nashiru said is the bed rock of development, peace and togetherness, hence the need for the individual to be educated.

He advised authorities of the Anbariya Islamic Community to immediately launch a fund raising for other Muslim scholars to be able to contribute their quota for the establishment of an Islamic clinic for the benefit of both teachers and students.

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