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Couple donates school to Limo community



A Germany based Ghanaian couple has generously constructed a three unit classroom block for a deprived farming community called Limo in the Kumbungu district of the Northern Region.

The couple, Mr. and Mrs. RahmanTakoro, through their non-profit-making organization called Amaraaba Ghana, also provided  27 pieces of furniture to the Chief and people of Limo to enhance teaching and learning.

The organization works with indigenous communities in Ghana to improve the quality of education and also advocates the provision of learning materials, infrastructure and healthcare for children in deprived communities in Ghana.

Mr. Takoro who presented the school block to the Chief of Limo said he and his wife were touched by the story of a young resident of the area who appealed to them to come to the area’s aid because of a similar school building the couple built for another deprived community in the Kumbungu district where he was a teacher.

The couple has so far built five three unit classroom blocks for deprived communities in the district. Mr. Rahman appealed to the people of the area to take good care of the school and that for all they may know prominent persons may come out of the community because of the school.

The Chief of Limo, Naa Yakubu Imoro,  thanked the couple for assisting the community.
He told Zaa News that for several years the Limo community had lacked the facility for children of school-going age.

The dire situation, Naa Imoro added, compelled a concerned citizen in the community to put up a makeshift structure  under a tree to teach some children while others had to travel several miles to the next village to get access to education.

The fortunate children, he observed, only got that opportunity up to class 6 and had to go to Kumbungu district which is 5 miles away from Limo to get access to junior high school.

He cautioned politicians who only come to the community during election time and make empty promises and said that they are only welcomed if they bring development projects to the area. He noted that the residents of Limo are Ghanaians, too, and they vote.

The chief pointedly observed that the community lacks electricity, good potable drinking water and an unsuitable road and appealed to government to assist the community.

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