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Don’t Shy Away From Your Responsibilities; Educationist advises parents


The chairman of the Parents Teacher Association (P.T.A) of the Northern School of Business (NOBISCO), Alhaji Salifu Ibn Abudu has pleaded with parents not to shy away from their responsibilities when it comes to taking care of their children.

Alhaji Abudu said parents who allow their wards to look for money for their fees is not the best. He admitted that though times are hard, the only legacy any responsible parent can leave behind for their children should be education.

Addressing parents at the school’s P.T.A AGM on Saturday, the retired educationist lamented the use of mobile phones by students, describing it as a challenge to school authorities and urged parents to help the school management to address the problem.

Explaining the circumstances leading to the suspension of penalty fines imposed on truant students some two years ago for reporting late to school, Alhaji Abudu said, parents were not happy about “cement bag” fines which were becoming a bigger worry.

The P.T.A chairman was not happy that some parents still allow their children to stay home after the BECE mid-term period was over and entreated parents to always ensure that their children go back to school immediately after either mid-term or holiday.

In his address, the NOBISCO head master Alhaji Nuhu lamented the growing indiscipline among the students. Given accounts with evidence before the parents, Alhaji Nuhu told parents that a student was caught with wee at the school gate and another was also caught with tramadol.

A female student, he narrated left school and stayed for good three days without permission. The said girl was not suspended because of her uncle’s intervention but was given some work to do, which she refused. The Senior house mistress was later attacked for the girl’s indiscipline.

The NOBISCO senior house master reminded parents that the destiny of school in the years ahead will be determined by the P.T.A meeting. Parents were also reminded of new mobile fraudsters extorting monies from parents who have wards at the various SHSs.

The modus operandi is that they call unsuspecting parents that their wards have been admitted at a certain hospital and they need to pay certain amounts of money for surgery procedures.

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