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Parents of Students Enjoying Free SHS Parents Agree To Pay P.T.A. Dues


The Parents Teacher Association (P.T.A) of the Northern School of Business(NOBISCO) have unanimously agreed with suggestions from school authorities that the first beneficiary students of free SHS pay 94 Ghana cedis each per year as PTA dues.

The suggestions follow the P.T. A’s inability to meet its financial obligations to complete ongoing infrastructural projects in the school and came up during the school’s Annual PTA general meeting on Saturday.

The P.T.A arrived at the decision, after it sought views from parents on how those pending projects could be completed. This directive however contravenes government’s directive that P.T. A’s dues must not be imposed on free SHS beneficiary parents.

Though the second and third year students have paid the 94 Ghana cedi dues for physical infrastructural projects such as raising the height of fence walls to protect students among others, some parents remained divided over these payments, which they say is in direct contravention of government’s directive on payment of PTA dues.

Parents, who supported the imposition of PTA dues on Free SHS beneficiaries maintained that the authorities must go ahead with the dues because a well-developed school infrastructure will benefit several generations of students.

They also maintained that the 94 cedis should be paid because P.T.A dues at other schools are higher. The P.T.A Chairman, Alhaji Salifu Abudu assured parents that the agreed dues will be paid next term so that parents can make adequate payment preparations.

At the end of the meeting, the parents also agreed with pleas of the school authorities to visit their wards on the first Saturday of every month.

 The reporting time of students, as suggested by the school, was also agreed to be 6:30 pm for the students’ own safety. School authorities recounted the unfortunate incident of a miscreant, who capitalized on the nature of the fence wall, scaled in, and raped some female students at the girls’ toilet last year.

Accommodation for over 100 teachers of NOBISCO was identified as an underlying factor contributing to student indiscipline. The only solution to maintain discipline therefore is the provision of adequate staff bungalows to take care of over 2,000 students.

Parents expressed shock when seized substances and medicines suspected to be wee and a pain killer drug tramadol seized from students were shown to them as evidence of the growing indiscipline among the students.

The Senior House Master of NOBISCO, Abdul Rashid Isshaku indicated that students have gone high-tech on activities to break school rules and regulations. He showed parents a seized sanitary pad in which a mobile phone was concealed by a student to outsmart authorities.

The evidence provided by the school authorities gave parents no option but to reason with them to find the most appropriate disciplinary measures to ensure that the future leaders of this country do not go wayward

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