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Double Intake System Sakes-Off


The first batch of students in the double track system have arrived at the various Senior High Schools in the northern region in spite of hassles they had to go through.

The students, some of whom went with their parents, have been in the schools since yesterday for the admission process.

Most of the SHSs in the region witnessed huge numbers, due to what the Ghana Education Service called self-placements.

At the Northern School of Business there was a chaotic scene, as the would-be students refused to form queues to enable the school authorities to admit them properly.

The process was largely orderly at BISCO, Tolon and the Tamale senior high school. Most of the schools Zaa News visited this morning delayed in issuing the admission letters due to the process involved.

At as of about 4.00 pm, BISCO had finished admitting those with the Green track and will continue with the Yellow track on Tuesday. The admission process for both the Green and Yellow Tracks continues tomorrow. Some of the students and parents spoke to Zaa News.

Speaking to Zaa News at TAMASCO, the Northern Regional Director of Education, Alhaji Mohammed Haroun Cambodia described the process as largely OK, except that at Tolon SHS, issues of self-placement were a worry to school authorities.

Alhaji Cambodia said schools with self-placement problems have been instructed to use their discretion otherwise the students should place themselves.

School authorities, he said, will determine to place them on either the day or boarding streams.

Another guideline from the education directorate was that students from the immediate school environment will be offered day status, while their colleagues from afar are put in boarding.

The director re-echoed his plea to parents to send their children to school on the reopening day.


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