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Put all your bad behavior behind before stepping foot in my school-TAMASCO head warns fresh students


The headmaster of the Tamale Senior High School (TAMASCO) Mr Wilberforce Shaibu Adam has warned all in coming students to put behind all bad behaviour as soon as they arrive.

TAMASCO, he said, will not tolerate any truant students and urged parents to offer proper guidance and counseling to their wards as the academic year begins.

Mr Adam said school authorities are helping parents to ensure that their children complete with good grades and good names.

“If you come with bad motives, you will go with bad motives,” Mr Adams warned. “I met a well built young man who dressed like a gangster and was on phone at the entrance of my office. I asked him what he is doing here and he replied he was one of the fresh students and I said what, I can’t believe this and so am investigating the guy’s background because we can’t allow characters to influence innocent students,” Mr Adam told Zaa News.

Speaking to Zaa News on the first day of the double track students’ arrival, the head master said he knows that there are bad nuts among those coming and is also aware of the huge challenge because of the increased enrollment, but that is not a reason for the breakdown of discipline.

Mr Adam, who is noted for his no-nonsense approach in discharging his duties at the SHS, said any disciplinary action taken against truant students is for the benefit of the students and their parents.

His colleague headmistresses appealed to parents to help the school managers to groom their children.

Teachers alone, they said, cannot train the students to become good future leaders.




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