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Fear and panic grip high school as female students are accused of witchcraft


imageFear and panic have gripped a high school in the Tamale metropolis as charges of witchcraft swirl around. Female students of the Islamic Senior High School are at each other’s’ throats after allegations of  demonic attacks surfaced. Two third-year students have been fingered as the culprits in the attacks.

The students accused Sulemana Amina Kande, a third-year student and her colleague of causing disturbances in the dormitory. Another third-year student whose name was only given as Khadija was accused of riding her best friend at night in the dormitory. Whilst some are accusing their colleagues of witchcraft, others are blaming their demonic attacks on the site of the female dormitory.

Some male students according to sources in the school are also suspected of witchcraft. Eight female students according to the house mistress, Madam Sulemana Marria are currently battling with demons.

Even though school authorities have no idea how the demons got into the school, the students believe their ordeal has some spiritual connotations.

Some elders in the community have told Zaa radio that the dormitory was built in a cemetery and that there is a shrine within the school premises. Asked if they have reported the community elders’ assertions to school authorities, the students said they thought the authorities were aware.

Students say  a common sight these days students collapsing while classes are in session, a situation attributed to demonic attacks.

When Zaa News visited the school on Monday and while talking with the house mistress, a student collapsed and had to be carried by her male counterparts to the mosque where prayers were recited. The house mistress is struggling to understand these strange happenings.

Most of the affected students are said to be from Yendi, Bimbilla, Kumasi and Tamale. Parents of students on admission at the local health facility were hesitant to disclose their condition. Instead, they accused school authorities of infecting their wards with demons,

The House mistress of the school, said the major challenge facing them, especially among the girls, is accommodation. A chop box room, she said, has been converted into a dormitory. Over forty students live in a room which is not normal, Madam Marria said. Another challenge facing the school was the attitude of some members of Saatingli community where the school is.

Madam Marria revealed that three weeks ago when she went to the community to enquire about two female students who had been engaged in a fight, she was struck in the face by a female resident of the community. However, the perpetrator denied the charges, telling Zaa news only that she was provoked by the house mistress. She accused the girls of charging their mobile phones in her room.

The Head master of the school said his outfit is investigating the students’ allegations and added that the matter was very a sensitive and delicate one. A committee headed by the senior house master has been constituted to ascertain the veracity or otherwise of the students’ claims, he said.

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