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Gov’t urge to ensure equal access to education and jobs

A stakeholder’s of human activists have called on government and other stakeholders to ensure equal access to education and job opportunities for all irrespective of gender and background.
According to the activists, most women especially in Ghana in the private institutions and other wage workers are denied of certain job opportunities using pregnancy and maternity leaves as excuses to deny them their rights.
They observed that one of the Surest ways to reducing  the inequality issues in Ghana is the  passage  of the affirmation bill into law and the implementation of other human right bills.
The forum attended by human activists from the government sector agencies(social welfare), academia, non-governmental Organisations and the  media forms part of  the global action for inequality week on the campaign against inequality in Ghana affecting productivity and economic growth.

Students from junior high schools were sensitized on their rights and responsibilities as citizens.
They also called for the change of mindset towards women in decision making saying most of the women are denied involvement in decision making, rendering them voiceless.
It was also observed that in the Northern region due to the mixture of religion, most people hide behind the Mallams and the traditional leaders to misconduct themselves without any justice to them which most often also jeopardizes the lives of the victims.
Hajia Alima Sagito Saeed, the Chief Executive Officer for the Savannah Women Integrated Development Agency(SIRDA) noted that many women have the potentials to contribute to the development of the nation the denial often makes them voiceless which cannot help to achieve  the Sustainability Development Goals.
According to her, inequality affects the status quo of the country and that the role of all could help fight against discrimination and the amendment of traditional norms retarding economic growth.
Hajia Lamnatu Adam of Songtaba stressed the need to stand up against those who make derogatory statement women and the vulnerable in the society.
Technical advisor on governance at Ghana Developing Communities Association (GDCA) Mr, Gmabi   A. P Philip noted that issues with inequality   still need to be addressed to have a better solution and therefore called on government and other stakeholders to help ensure quality.

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